Happy Friday!

Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t posted since last Friday! I’ve been super busy and the days have slipped by so fast! I have lots of goodies for my happy list this week – I hope you do too!

* This is the little girl I look after – she was walking around the other day slapping her hands to her forehead, it was so cute! I kept snapping photos until I got a good one!

* My new Supernatural Winchester Racing t-shirt! I’m losing count of the amount of SPN merch I have now and I don’t care! I regret nothing!

* 1920’s B&W Gangster and Flapper ducks – I’m sending these to Clif for Duck Nation!!

* Saving money for my overseas trip next year!

* Instagram – it’s just too much fun.

* sleeping in on rainy mornings 🙂

* honey roasted macadamia nuts. YUM.

* New boots! I like end of season sales 😀

* This beautiful thank you message from a recent Impossible Alice customer – “I just received my package.  It was like having a Birthday present delivered!  I love the care you put into packaging.  I love the necklace!  I appreciate your quick shipping, attention to detail, and accommodating my special request.  Definitely a pleasure doing business.  Also, thought you would like to know, I came across the picture of your necklace on Pinterest.  I liked it, and “pinned” it, and kept looking at it until I decided to buy it. 🙂  Then I found your etsy shop and looked around there, too.  So Pinterest could be good for business!  If there is a way to leave feedback on Etsy, I will, but I have to wait for my brother to come inside from the farm, because I don’t know his account information.  :0)    Thank you again.  Very pleased, ”

* Dia Frampton’s cover of Losing My Religion. This girl is amazing, I love her voice! I’ve been listening to this for the last few days.

Love & love & love,

Shelley 🙂


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