Happy Friday! (on Sunday…)

A bit late and rushed but still happy! Here’s what’s been making me smile over the last week!

* All the SPN VanCon videos and tweets etc – I’m thinking I HAVE to find a way to go next year, as well as NashCon!

* Kim Rhodes relying to me on twitter 😀

* 30 Days of Kindness starting! Everyone is so inspiring and it’s making me happy! And Lisa Walker from Random Acts gave us a shout out on twitter for it, too 😀

* Cranberry juice! New obsession.

* Receiving chain maille supplies in the mail and finally being able to start making some items for Lace Metal! Hopefully I’ll be able to start listing them soon.

* Selling quite a few Impossible Alice pieces lately.

* Texting back and forth with my brothers. We don’t really speak very much, and never have, but as we get older we become better friends which is really nice. And they like Supernatural and are coming to AHBL3 with me next year!

* Doing Pilates – it’s making me feel very healthy.

* Beautiful spring weather!

* Deciding that I want to start writing again – it’s been a dream for so long to have a children’s book published! Writing kind of got pushed to the side when I started making jewellery for a living, but lately I’ve gotten out my old notebooks and have been brainstorming ideas again.

* My twitter and Facebook SPN family – it’s so nice to know that there is a huge bunch of awesome people out there who don’t think you’re losing your mind just because you love a TV show and it’s actors as much as we do 😀

Until next time, Gadget!

Shelley XOXO


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