Bleeding Heart Markets – August

Last Friday, the beautiful Bleeding Heart Gallery held it’s August markets. The clouds held off (mostly) and it was a pretty, spring day. I ended up buying more than I sold this time around, but no matter!

I bought my mum a lovely, little bookmark from Bark Art. They have these gorgeous, intricate framed pictures made entirely from strips of bark from Melaleuca and other trees – there are no artificial colours used. Their work is amazing! My Grandma would’ve LOVED to see them.

I spent the day eyeing off some super cute earrings and fabric button rings from Hearsay. Sarah has a very simple yet eye-catching aesthetic with her creations. She doesn’t just do jewellery, either – there are super cute greeting cards, among other things. One of the things I liked most was how professional the presentation of her items are, and the layout of her Etsy shop has the same clean style.

My favourite purchase of the day was a pair of the cutest little butterfly earrings from Cathy at Angelwing Jewellery. Cathy has the most intricate, delicate style with her creations (unfortunately, the photos from my phone don’t do her work justice!). I spent the first 4 hours of the day trying to decide which pair I wanted most – I love all her stuff so much! I’ve worn my new earrings everyday since and I won’t be taking them off any time soon!

Til next time!



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  1. Hey Shelley, thanks so much for including me in your post, I really appreciate it. See you at the next markets 🙂

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