Happy Friday!

On a Friday, for once… 😉

* Clif replying to me on twitter again, he’s so awesome 🙂

* Chatting back and forth all week on twitter with Rick Worthy. He is such a sweetheart and he’s my new buddy 😀

* Sticking to my pilates routine – I’m starting to feel the difference and I like it!

* Seeing a huge, floating duck in the middle of the Brisbane River… not sure what it’s there for, but I assume it’s something for the Brisbane Festival.

* Gala’s Radical Self-love Manifesto – read it!

* 80’s songs on the radio!

* Waiting (rather impatiently) for my season 6 Supernatural DVDs to arrive!

* Waking up to Impossible Alice sales 🙂 And planning lots of good, new things for a new range of jewellery! Also, I now have an Impossible Alice monthly newsletter – subscribe here!

* The weather finally being warm enough to wear shorts and getting some sun on my scary, white legs 😀

* Being productive and doing all the things on my to-do lists – that doesn’t happen often enough!

* The beautiful people in my Misha’s Minions group. They make me happy. I like them 🙂

* Mem Fox’s recent book, Go The Fuck To Sleep. It is pure awesome. And I love this video of Noni Hazelhurst reading it! She was always my favourite Playschool presenter.


It’s been a good week 😀



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