Happy Friday!!

So much happy to share with everyone this week! I hope you do, too 😀

* Jim Beaver’s book, ‘Life’s That Way’. It is amazing. I’ll write a proper review on it when I’m finished. If I can stop crying. It is raw, honest, funny, heartbreaking, inspiring and life changing.

* Chatting on twitter with Clif, Chad and Rick. Oh, and Clif tweeted a photo of my gangster ducks – they arrived in Vancouver! And he commented on the photo of the duck in the Brisbane River that I posted on his Facebook 😀

* Chatting on twitter in general.

* New business cards and stickers and other fun stuff!

* New moleskine journals! There’s not much I like more than blank journals.

* Re-watching Supernatural S6 before S7 starts this weekend!!

* Going for walks to the park in this beautiful weather with Lina 🙂 Actually, I just love Lina! She is so much fun, so happy and so cute!!

* Cute photos of Lina and I, like this one….

* Planning a bit of a life overhaul/re-organisation. More to come on that later.

* Being inspired by people I know – like Jess Van Den, of Epheriell Designs. I LOVE her whole DIY life philosophy.

* Making a million lists of things I want to do!


* Staring my Christmas shopping! Organisation, here I come!

* Making lots of new pretties for Impossible Alice, like this resin, sakura flower pendant…

* Playing with magic props my magician housemate has lying around the house – how awesome are these glasses?!

* Did I mention that NEW SUPERNATURAL STARTS THIS WEEKEND?! Can you tell I’m excited? And, channel eleven are fast tracking it to screen on air here starting Oct. 3rd!

It’s been a good week! What’s made you smile lately?



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