Happy Friday!

Lately I’ve been smiling about:

* GISHWHES – otherwise known as the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt (the) World Has Ever Seen! Technically it started today, but the teams haven’t been assigned yet and the list of items/tasks hasn’t been posted yet. We are all getting very anxious. And excited. And scared for our lives. And we love it.

* Getting some Christmas shopping done! I love buying gifts for the people I love 🙂

* Catching up on Ringer and Secret Circle. I love having new shows to love!

* Seeing old friends ❤

* People buying my jewellery! That’ll never get old 😀 Impossible Alice & Lace Metal.

* Supanova a couple of weekends ago! So much fun meeting Julie Benz and Billy Boyd. I am planning to write up a review post about it sometime.

* Having a few days off work (babysitting). I totally needed it, I was feeling really burnt out and tired, but now I’m feeling great and ready to see all my beautiful kids again next week!

* Writing stuff into my day planner for next year. Nerd much? 😉

* Day dreaming about overseas holidays…



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