Happy Friday!!

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It’s kind of hard to believe that the first week of 2012 is already over. But it also kind of feels like it lasted forever! I think that’s because I was so busy and got so much done. I hope all your New Year first weeks have been wonderful!

This is what I’ve been smiling about during the first week of 2012 =D

* Opening up Impossible Alice and Lace Metal for business again! I’m really excited about all the new plans I have for both of them this year!

* Getting Christmas cards in the mail from friends! And a Christmas card from Misha!

* Christmas packages arriving from my friend Meighan in America. She spoils me and I love her!

* Re-watching Buffy and Angel. So awesome.

* Kim Rhodes’ new blog – Apart from being a beautiful actress, she is such a sweetheart. She gives so much of her time to talk with all us fans on twitter and now she’s sharing even more of herself in her new blog. I love it when the people I love turn out to be even more amazing than I thought.

* Planning a workout routine and sticking to it! Yay me!

* Crossing everything of my to-do lists and writing stuff in my 2012 day planner. Yes, I’m a nerd. And I don’t care.

* Booking a room at the Sheraton in Vancouver for VanCon =D SO. EXCITED. Now I need to look into accom. for the rest of our stay.

* Epic twitter conversations with Jamie, Kerry, Amanda and Rick ❤

I can’t wait to see what other awesomeness this year is going to bring!

What’s had you smiling this week?

Shell xoxo


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