Happy Friday!

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Is it just me or did this week go by super fast?! It might’ve felt like blink and miss it, but there was still plenty to smile about!

* It’s Friday the 13th! I’m not overly superstitious, but I’ve always LOVED anything spooky or paranormal or supernatural, and Black Fridays fall into that category for me 🙂 And apparently there are three of them this year!

* Hype and excitement about this week’s Supernatural episode!! See my previous post – no explanation needed.

* Supernatural winning the TWO People’s Choice Awards they were nominated for! Favourite TV Network Drama and Favourite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show!

* Receiving a really sweet Thank You card in the mail from one of my Impossible Alice customers! Just getting thank you emails makes me happy enough, but an actual, handwritten card in snail mail? That’s just awesome.

* Making, photographing and listing new items for both Lace Metal and Impossible Alice – I love feeling productive and getting lots done!

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* Organic chocolate truffles from Whole Foods which my friend Meighan sent me. They are so amazingly yummy!

* Kerry and Carrie. They know why 😉

* Afternoon naps ❤

* Doing stuff when it needs to be done instead of procrastinating – it feels so good not to have all those little annoying things hanging over my head waiting for me to do them!

* Still sticking to my work out routine!

Have a wonderful weekend! Hope you have lots to smile about 😀

❤ Shell xx


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