40 Before 40

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Everyone seems to be talking about Bucket Lists lately. Maybe they follow the Mayan calendar and believe the world is going to end this year? Who knows. Whatever the reason, I think they’re a good idea. Noone wants to be on their deathbed with a pile of regrets and forgotten dreams and ‘what ifs’.

I’ve also come across a few people doing 30 Before 30 lists, or 40 Before 40 etc…

So I’ve been thinking a lot about all the things I’d like to do, or the experiences I’d like to have during my life. I think I’ll follow my friend Jess’ example and create a 40 Before 40 list (and I’ll try not to panic about the fact that I’m too old to make a 30 Before 30 list…)

I’m sure I’ll add and subtract items from the list as time goes by. Life changes, and who knows where I’ll be or how I’ll feel in a couple of years. I don’t even have 40 things in mind right now and trying to come up with that number for the sake of a list feels too daunting. Besides, I’d like to leave space for change and growth.

In no particular order…

1. Drive around the Bathurst track at Mt. Panorama – I want to drive around myself, and I also would love to do a hot lap (or two!) with one of the professional V8 Supercar drivers behind the wheel.

2. Learn how to handle and shoot a gun.

3. Write a book and get it published.

4. Meet as many members of the Supernatural cast and crew as possible – and I’ll be able to cross this one off my list THIS YEAR!

5. Get another couple of tattoos.

6. Earn a comfortable, full time living from Impossible Alice and Lace Metal – I’m aiming to achieve this one this year.

7. Learn to sing and play guitar well.

8. Live on my own, in my own place.

9. Do Pilates twice a week for at least 3 months, so I can see it make some actual difference.

10. Meet as many of my beautiful online friends as I can!

11. Visit a chocolate factory!

12. Road trip through America.

What’s on your list?

❤ Shell xx


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