Happy Friday!

Source: monogrammedmusings.tumblr.com via Shelley on Pinterest



My list of happy for this week!

* Getting jewellery supplies in the mail – it’s like Christmas all over again!

* Having Larissa and Ambah come over to visit 🙂

* People I follow on Pinterest pinning lots of Supernatural photos. There’s so much pretty to look at!

* Playing with my housemate’s cockatiel. Such a funny little bird.

* Talking about and planning VanCon stuff!

* Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies 🙂

* Remembering how much I love Seth Green during my Buffy re-watch.

* Sweet little messages from Cindy ❤

* Finding out that some of the people I look up to, love and respect, are even more awesome than I initially thought. Kim Rhodes, I’m looking at you.

* Getting a good night’s sleep. It doesn’t happen very often!

* This quote from Johnny Depp about his daughter (below):

Source: imgfave.com via Shelley on Pinterest



I hope you’ve had lots to smile about this week, too! Have a beautiful weekend!

❤ Shell xx


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