Hope to Haiti

Click this to donate to my Hope to Haiti fundraiser  🙂

For more info on Random Acts and the good works they do in the world, check out their website.

For more info on the Hope to Haiti project, click here 

For those who don’t want to watch me talk, here’s all the words to read…. 😉

Hi guys!

I’m raising money for Random Acts’ Hope to Haiti project – this is incredibly important to me and any help you are able to provide will be much appreciated.

I’m hoping to join the Random Acts team in Haiti later this year to do some hands on work, but to do that, I need to be one of the first 25 people to raise $5000. I know that figure seems daunting, but I know it’s possible and I have to try! Any amount you are able to donate will go a long way – even $10 would be amazing!

The money I raise will be going directly to the people of Haiti and the city of Jacmel – it does not pay for me to travel over there, I will be paying my own way. Your donations will be going to the continuation of re-building the orphanage and community center which will house and feed some of Haiti’s homeless children.

I completely understand if you can’t afford to donate, but even if you could share my Crowdrise link on your FB profile, or twitter, or Live Journal or blog etc and help me spread the word, I would appreciate it so much.

“Two years ago, after a destructive and devastating earthquake ravaged Haiti, Random Acts provided major funding for a journey to Jacmel to assist in rebuilding homes, communities and lives. During our initial visit, a dental clinic was reconstructed, an orphanage was refurbished and a carpentry school with 1600 donated tools was founded.

While there, the volunteers and staff opened their hearts and arms to demonstrate the true power of kindness. They worked in the fierce heat of the Haitian sun to aid in the construction of a multi-purpose community center; a facility that will provide shelter, as well as educate and feed homeless and orphaned children. Plus, our team members participated in creative and recreational activities with the children, such as arts, crafts and games.

But, our work isn’t done.

Flash forward to 2012, we’re happy to announce that we’ll return to Jacmel.”

Misha’s video for last year’s Haiti fundraiser… 🙂

If you are able to help out in any way, please donate through my Crowdrise profile – and please, if you have any questions, just ask!

If you are interested in finding out more about Random Acts and the work they do, check out their website:http://therandomact.org/

Thanks everyone!

Much love,
Shell ❤ xx


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