Happy Friday!

How has everyone’s week been? Mine’s been fairly low-key, but full of lots of little happy things! I feel like I’ve been smiling non-stop!

* Seeing this little pixie face again, I love her SO MUCH!

* Steve Carlson and Christian Kane’s online concert they did together last weekend, it was very cool 🙂

* Every time someone donates to my Hope to Haiti fundraiser I get the biggest grin on my face and I feel all warm and toasty inside ❤

* Speaking of the Haiti, 50% of all my Impossible Alice necklace proceeds are going into the fundraiser!

* Also, I hit 200 sales in Impossible Alice this week!

* Clean sheet day!

* Finally receiving the GISHWHES stuff Misha sent in the mail! (It is seriously cool getting a package in the mail from Misha Collins.) I ordered the coffee table book, and with it Misha sent a copy of the Guinness World Record certificate and his last missive 😀

* Making myself a pretty necklace! I hardly ever keep anything I make, but I loved this necklace so much that I had to make another for myself!

* Learning to crochet! Grandma taught me when I was about 10, but I wasn’t interested enough to keep it up. But lately I’ve really been wanting to try it again – I desperately want to learn how to make those adorable amigurumi crochet animals! But first I need to learn the basics. So yesterday I found a crochet hook my mum had given me and some left over wool I had lying around, spent a couple of hours trying to find good online instructions that I actually understood, and I made my first granny squares! I’m going to keep making these until I have enough to sew together into a throw rug or blanket 😀

* Getting new ideas for a new beaded range of chainmaille jewellery for Lace Metal! I’ve made a couple of things already which I’m really happy with, now I just have to wait (rather impatiently!) for some more supplies to arrive so I can make more!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend – I know those of you who are in LA for BurCon will be having the best time ever and I so wish I could be there too! You’ll all just to party it up a bit extra for me 😀

❤ Shell xo


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