About Me

I’m Shelley. I make jewellery. People buy it. I like books, chocolate, and coffee. I live in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. I like it. I’ve worked in childcare (mostly as a nanny) for the past 13 years and I look after beautiful children. I get fan-girl crazy over anything to do with Supernatural or people named Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins or Jared Padalecki. Other things that make me very happy: Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, anything Alice in Wonderland-ish, The X Files, Michael Jackson and Harry Potter. Among a million other things.

I chose the name Alice and Lace for my blog to combine both of my online jewellery business names – Impossible Alice and Lace Metal. I sort of feel like I’m jumping the gun a bit, since I haven’t even opened Lace Metal yet! Things should be ready within the next couple of weeks, though.

This blog isn’t only going to be about my jewellery making adventures – that’d just get boring, for me and you! I’ll probably end up posting lots of photos and videos, and generally using this as an online journal.

And yes, I play with photo editing apps on my phone when I’m bored 😀 Here, I’ll leave you with a ‘normal’ photo of me!



  1. Hi Shelly, great blog, thanks for the mention about my work. So glad you are STILL wearing the earrings. Looking forward to the next installment from Alice and Lace. How’s the chain mail going? Can’t wait to see some on the stall! Cathy xx

  2. Lo

    Hi Shell! Cute blog 🙂

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